Online Ableton Live Course | Advanced

Review of the different instruments and their applications, creating a sound from scratch with each of them.
Advanced tricks.
How to get the most out of live effects.
Knowing its characteristics. Advanced tricks. Groups of effects.

How to get the most out of live effects. Knowing their characteristics.
Advanced tricks. Groups of effects.

Make your life easier by combining functions with Macros function.

Advanced use of routing, complex sidechains, triggering.

How, when and why of advanced groups.

How to use the key plugins to get a professional sound.

Use of layers, Resampling, Multiband processing.
Compression. Distortion. Equalisation.

Use of layers, Resampling, Multiband processing.
Compression. Distortion. Equalisation.

Learn what you need to get that professional sound. Physics of sound.
Philosophy of mixing.

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Teacher: Jordi Calviño Pedreira

Born in A Coruña, he moved to Mallorca at the age of 10 and started to develop his passion for music soon after, learning the guitar like many youngsters of his time. His musical taste was always incredibly varied, spending his teenage years obsessed with getting new music and meeting new artists. This continued until the age of 22, when he was introduced to Drum & Bass and Dubstep, changing his view of electronic music forever.

In only 3 years, producing with all his passion and thanks to creating a totally new sound, he manages to release multiple albums on the most relevant labels of the scene, such as Prspct (The reference label for the hardest DNB) or Ad Noiseam. With the latter he toured all over Europe, starting with one of the best known clubs in the world, Berghain (Berlin), with no idea where he was DJing until years later. With Loope Stepwalker, and with Voltage or Gomad & Monster, he has performed on stages all over the world. Sharing the bill with dozens of world-class artists, such as Motorhead, Lauryn Hill, Gentleman, Cypress Hill, Noisia, Armin Van Buuren, Eric Prydz or Pendulum, for example. In addition, he has toured as opening artist for The Prodigy, along with his band «Gomad & Monster», with whom they released a song in 2015 in the more than renowned video game «Need For Speed».

As a producer, he has worked for a multitude of national and international artists, as well as world-renowned international record companies and labels.

His customers include: ESL, Xgames, Red Bull, EA Games, Go Pro, Gomad & Monster, Meneo, Ed is Dead, The River, Dub Elements, Foreign Beggars, DJ Nano, Peinetta, Universal Music or Warner.

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Musical Production & DJ course

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Students who want to get started in music production.
No previous skills are required.

You will work on the key and basic aspects of each audio editing tool.
At the end of the course you will be able to handle the tool so that you can start creating your own musical productions using any musical style you want.

Licencia de las herramientas de edición de audio. Aplicación ZOOM en caso de la opción online.

A computer; for Logic Pro X, a Mac will be needed.
A MIDI controller and sound card preferably, although not essential.