Centre Rules

Conditions of enrolment for all students at Serrano's Kitchen. These conditions have been updated as of 1st August 2021, and will be applied immediately to all new and enrolled students.

General information

  • Serrano's Kitchen School, represented by G.C.E, S.L. is located at Monegros Street, 13, CIF B86404704.
  • Serrano's Kitchen School is governed by the collective agreement for non-regulated education centres.
  • Serrano's Kitchen School does not offer officially valid certificates, as it is a non-regulated teaching centre, although it does offer the possibility of obtaining RSL qualifications, as it is an authorised centre.
  • Serrano's Kitchen School will issue, at the student's request, a certificate specifying the service received by the student: type of service, total hours, level, characteristics, etc.
  • The student has 7 calendar days to withdraw from this contract without any loss or financial penalty from its registration on the form.

Class and/or course registration

  • The courses and classes will start on the 1st of September and end on the 30th of June of the following year, and follow almost entirely the official school calendar in Madrid, and may be extended to the holiday period if the students and the school agree.
  • The courses take place at Serrano's Kitchen School, at Monegros Street, 13, store, 28915, Leganés (Madrid, Spain).
  • The groups for the instrument classes will be of 3 students, and the courses will be held with a maximum of 8 students.
  • Serrano's Kitchen School reserves the right to close a group or not to open it if there is not a minimum number of students enrolled, which will depend on the course or class.
  • Students can enrol in any course regardless of the start or end date. This way, the student will pay the part proportional to the number of remaining teaching hours of the month for which he/she is enrolled.
  • The registration fee is 25€ for the instrument classes and according to the offer or promotion for the courses as an administrative fee and reservation of the place. In case of withdrawal during the first 7 calendar days after signing this contract, the student is entitled to a full refund of the registration fee. During the period of COVID 19 the registration for instrument lessons will be cancelled until further notice.
  • The student has the right to check or request the timetable for the contracted course at any time.
  • By signing this contract, the student acknowledges having been informed of the teaching material to be used during the course, as well as its price. Said material will be at the student's expense (unless otherwise specified) and may be purchased at any bookshop or other establishment that has it available. The material may be necessary for the correct functioning of the classes.
  • Activities must be contracted in accordance with the rules. 
  • Groups and timetables may be modified for the benefit of the same. The starting times of the activities are approximate, as they depend on the time students leave their classrooms. 
  • Courses and classes can be paid on the website using the payment gateways, in cash or by credit card at the centre or by direct debit from the 1st to the 10th of each month. In the case of returned receipts, these will be paid either by re-submission for collection or in cash, together with the costs arising from the return. Non-payment of this new invoice will result in suspension from the centre and from the activities attended.
  • If there are many incidents in any activity, Serrano's Kitchen reserves the right to modify the group in order to improve it. 

Monthly payments

  • Payment for courses is made on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, either in advance (before starting the service) or during the 10 calendar days following the signing of this contract. If payment is made monthly, the monthly fee must be paid between the 1st and 10th of each month. If payment is made quarterly, the quarterly payment is due between the 1st and 10th of the month in which the quarter begins.
  • From the monthly payments for general courses, the economic amount equivalent to the Christmas and Easter holidays is deducted, Christmas being understood as 2 weeks (1 week in December and/or 1 week in January), and Easter as 1 week of the month in which it falls each year. The payment for these months will be approximately 3/4 of the regular monthly payment to which the student is subject.
  • National holidays (not included in vacation periods) will not be deducted from each student's regular monthly payment. Examples: Constitution Day, All Saints' Day, Immaculate Conception Day, Workers' Day, etc. Classes not taken on public holidays will not be made up, unless the school decides otherwise.
  • After each payment, it is the responsibility of the student/client to request and keep a receipt for the transaction.
  • To participate in Serrano's Kitchen's activities and courses  it is an essential requirement to have previously paid the enrolment fee and to be up to date with the corresponding monthly payments. To start the activity and/or course, students of legal age and parents of underage students must fill in the online registration form. They must also sign the acceptance of the regulations.
  • Any suggestions or complaints must be made in writing. They will receive a reply from the person in charge of the activity.
  • In order to take part in the activities it is essential to be up to date with the payment of fees. 
  • Enrolment in activities and/or courses is for full months. No proportional receipts will be issued for less than one month.
  • The WITHDRAWAL of a student from an activity must be communicated between the 20th and 28th of the month prior to the month in which the student wishes to leave the activity. Otherwise the corresponding fee will be paid.
  • Parents will not be allowed to stay on the centre's premises during the activities.
  • Punctuality will be required to pick up children taking part in activities at the centre at the end of the activities. Failure to pick up children punctually will be considered a fault and will be sanctioned accordingly.
  • An absence regime is established for activities: 
  • Failure to pick up children punctually.
  • Failure to show due respect to monitors or classmates.
  • Verbal or physical aggression towards monitors or classmates.
  • If they behave in a way that impedes the normal development of the activity.
  • If they cause damage to the centre, classrooms or materials contained therein. In this case, the pupils or their tutors will have the obligation to pay for the necessary expenses to rectify the damage. 

A system of sanctions is also established: 

THE FIRST FAULT will be sanctioned with a warning.

THE SECOND FAULT committed will be sanctioned with one week's suspension from the activity.

THE THIRD FAULT will result in the school expelling the pupil from the activity and parents will be notified in writing.

Students' rights
  • To make suggestions regarding the improvement of the development of the activity.
  • To participate in the activity.
  • To be respected physically and morally
  • To receive the corresponding teaching.
Students' duties
  • To respect the timetable and the established rules.
  • To take proper care of the material and the classrooms.
  • Respect teachers, supervisors and classmates.
  • To collaborate in the development of the activity.
Parents' rights
  • To receive information about the activity their children are taking part in.
  • To make suggestions for the improvement of the activity.
  • To submit in writing to the company any complaint about the activity or the person in charge of it.
Parents' duties
  • Sign the delivery and acceptance of the regulations.
  • To pay the fees on time. 
  • To assume responsibility for complying with the established regulations.
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