MIXINGWe mix your tracks by groups of stems or individual tracks. A good mix gets a good Master. It is the most important step in production, a good mix brings out the maximum sound to your Master.
MASTERINGWe work for you in a master version of your mix wav file, where we will obtain the best sound, so that your master has the best possible quality, for its reproduction and for sale.

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Top Notch Professional Mixing & Mastering at the most affordable rates around.
After purchase, drop all your files stems in a new project in Ableton Live or Logic X to listen to them and check that everything is correct. Bounce your stems always separated kick, bass/sub, drums, Hi Hats, Vocals, Synth, fx. Then, name all your files by its content and export them in wav -6db files 24 bits. Make sure that when you export your files you do not have any compressors in the general master. If you have all this correctly please send it over to studio@serranoskitchen.com indicating the order number in the subject. We prefer that you work with link download Dropbox or any similar platform or if you prefer can hire our services directly here below.

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